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April 22, 2024


Cultivating Allies in April:

It Takes
a Village

It Takes a Village

April 22, 2024

at 6:00pm CST

Cultivating Allies in April:

Takes a Village

April 22, 2024

at 6:00pm CST

Leveling Your Skills to Dominate Your Career

This is for you if: You are satisfied in your current role, if you have climbed the corporate ladder before, you love your job, you believe this is as good as it gets

This is for you even if: you tried to negotiate a higher salary before but was unsuccessful; if you are the only Black/minority in the workplace, you been passed over for promotions in the past, you do not believe you do not have the skill set to be promoted



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Meet Me
Hi! I’m Chiquita Hall-Jackson, licensed attorney, adjunct law professor, employment law specialist and founder of Hall-Jackson and Associates, PLLC, and there’s nothing I’m more relentless about than giving those who’ve been silenced in the backroom, the boardroom and everywhere in between a voice to be heard.

After facing race and gender bias in my own career, I decided to do something about it.
Chiquita Hall-Jackson


Attorney Hall-Jackson treated me with care and respect. She wanted to hear my voice and wanted to know what I wanted and why. I was kept up to date on my case. My emails and phone calls were returned expeditiously and all my questions and concerns were addressed thoroughly. I am extremely grateful to Attorney Hall-Jackson and her Team and I glad that I decided to hire Attorney Hall-Jackson.

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T. Carter
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This webinar is designed to equip you with the essential skills needed to excel in your corporate career. By attending, you will learn valuable strategies for networking effectively, leveraging your company’s assets, and promoting yourself in a professional manner. Whether you’re a new employee or an experienced professional looking to advance, this webinar will provide you with actionable insights and practical tips to succeed in the corporate world.

This program is designed for professionals at all levels who want to enhance their career prospects within a corporate environment. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the corporate world for years, this webinar is relevant for anyone looking to improve their networking skills, utilize their company’s assets, and enhance their self-promotion abilities. The content is applicable across industries and job functions.

The best part is that this webinar is completely free of charge! We believe in providing valuable resources and knowledge to professionals who are eager to succeed. By offering this webinar at no cost, we aim to make it accessible to a wide range of individuals who can benefit from the insights and strategies shared. So, take advantage of this opportunity and join us for an informative and empowering session without any financial commitment. 

The webinar is designed to be interactive and engaging, providing participants with valuable insights and opportunities to ask questions. The structure of the webinar consists of a 40-minute presentation followed by a 20-minute Q&A session.

During the 40-minute presentation, Attorney Hall-Jackson will deliver a dynamic and informative talk on the skills you need to network within your company, utilize your company’s assets to your advantage, and promote yourself effectively. The presentation will cover key strategies, practical tips, and real-life examples to help you understand and apply the concepts discussed.

After the presentation, the floor will be open for a 20-minute Q&A session. This is your chance to ask any specific questions you have related to the webinar topic. Attorney Hall-Jackson will address as many questions as possible, offering personalized insights and advice to help you navigate the corporate game successfully.

By structuring the webinar in this way, we aim to provide a comprehensive learning experience that combines expert guidance with participant engagement. We believe that interactive sessions and Q&A opportunities enhance the learning process and allow for a deeper understanding of the topic.


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