We Gon’ Be Alright


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Hip-hop echoes the rhythm and blues of the oppressed and poetic words of resilience as we navigate society and attempt to climb the coveted corporate ladder.


The rhythm beats to the tune of workplace adversity, and the lyrics narrate the challenges we face attempting to assimilate in corporate offices across America. We Gon’ Be Alright: A Black Executive’s Guide to Navigating Workplace Dynamics captures the essence of that experience, drawing powerful parallels between hip-hop culture and being a Black executive in the workplace. 


With raw honesty, insight, and a dash of “bad and bougie” vibes, this must-have book explores the core principles of overcoming workplace discrimination and disputes and thriving in adversity. It blends legal expertise with “around the way” dialect that links navigating the workplace to hip-hop’s messages of self-belief, determination amid hardships, and the power we find in the community. Every page reveals straight-no-chaser employment stories and wisdom that inspire, motivate, and inspire self-reflection.


We Gon’ Be Alright pulls readers into a masterclass in setting career goals, asking for what you want, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in the workplace. This book is required reading for Black professionals, hip-hop lovers, and anyone craving motivation to break FREE from workplace adversity and claim your rightful seat at the table.


Order your copy today and let raw and uncut hip-hop messages delivered through the lens of a Black employment law attorney teach you how to navigate workplace challenges and proclaim, “We gon’ be alright.”

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